Eden Campus Miniature Forest

Eden Campus is the University of St Andrews’ innovation centre, designed to help shape a sustainable future. It is located in Guardbridge, four miles west of St Andrews.

The Eden Campus Miniature Forest will be planted by volunteers. There are several opportunities to join in.

Site borders the Eden Estuary sea wall, in the vicinity to the road entrance to Eden Campus.
Overhead photograph showing the location of the miniature forest site. West up.

The woodland design, which fits within the Eden Campus Biodiversity Plan and Eden Campus masterplan, will incorporate:

  • The views over the Eden Estuary, an amenity used by the community and visitors, particularly for birdwatching.
  • A path from the existing viewpoint at the North end of the site, through to the existing access at the South of the site.
  • Several zones of woodland at different planting densities, to allow compare-and-contrast research.
  • Open space, for grass and wildflowers, creating habitat for pollinators.
  • An anti-startle zone along the seawall ridge, to reduce disruption to birds feeding or nesting in the area below.
  • A hedge and fence to keep people back from the ridge, and out of the anti-startle zone.

We anticipate that groundwork will be complete in February, allowing planting to commence in late February or March 2022. The planting plan is a mix of native broadleaf species.