Rustling Tree Wood


Local environmental conservation group Footprint East Neuk ran a two-day tree planting event at Craigtoun on 28th November and 5th December 2021. Over 100 volunteers planted 1,200 new trees.

  • Location: Craigtoun Country Park
  • Area: c. 0.2ha
  • Trees: c. 1,200 mixed native deciduous trees.
  • Planting dates: 8th November and 5th December 2021
  • Map: Google Maps,  ///snoring.hiking.dynasties

The competition to name the new wooded area was won by 11-year-old Jessica Balgowan, who came up with the name Rustling Tree Wood.

The planting was supported by the University of St Andrews Community Fund, NatureScot, The Woodland Trust, Transition St Andrews and Craigtoun County Park.


Tiny planted trees in protective plastic tubes. Backdrop of mature trees. The plastic guards appear to glow when lit by the low late afternoon sun.


Whips were notch planted at randomised approximate 1m spacings. 50% of trees were staked and protected by spiral guards. All trees were mulched.

The planned species were:

  • Downy birch 21%
  • Goat willow 12%
  • Hazel 11%
  • Crab apple 11%
  • Holly 11%
  • Hawthorn 11%
  • Alder 5%
  • Rowan 5%
  • Silver birch 3%
  • Field Maple 3%
  • Wild cherry 3%
  • Grey willow 3%
  • Oak 3%


Children and their parents walking to a planting site, with spades and warm hats and gloves.


Planting volunteers included members of the local community, members of Transition St Andrews, and staff and students of The University of St Andrews.



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Drone videography and editing: Brett Currie. Stills: Footprint East Neuk.